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  • Balthier's Journal

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> *Balthier's Journal* --- What he _really_ thinks about stuff. h4. Chapter 1 - The Longest Night |[[Balthier Entry 1]]|[[Balthier Entry 2]]|[[Balthier Entry 3]]|[[Balthier Entry 4]]| ---

  • Balthier

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Dramatis Personae]] >> *Balthier* --- p=. [[:balthier]] _Common First Impression:_ Pointy ears half hidden by a wide-brimmed hat do little to make this alien man look more human. Lank white hair hangs to his shoulders, and …

  • Balthier Entry 1

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> [[Balthier's Journal]] >> *Balthier Entry 1* --- I don't trust my attention span all that much, and seeing how we're supposed to be solving a mystery, it seems best to write things down. Where to start? The caravan, …

  • Balthier Entry 2

    [[Main Page]] >> [[Journals]] >> [[Balthier's Journal]] >> *Balthier Entry 2* --- I thought it would feel good to get back to town - no matter what a shithole Corvis is - in comparison to tromping around the bleak landscape that serves as its …

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