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Action Points to Live

Taking a queue from the Conan game (and I believe it was implemented in a 4E game that was run by a friend of mine); I am implementing a rule of Action Points for a saving grace in certain death situations. If specifically outlined circumstances are about to cause your character’s death you may have a chance at utilizing your last dying effort to avoid the killing blow.

Area attack (friend or foe): An area (burst or blast) attack or power (this applies to equipment, powers, items, etc.) has you included in the targets and the resulting damage or effect would destroy you in some manner (negative hit points, petrification, death), you may spend an action point to not be affected by that power.

Overkill: An attack does enough damage to knock you from positive hit points to the maximum negative threshold into death. You may spend an Action Point to stop at the half-way point of your negative hit point threshold.

Death Saving Throws: Once per encounter you may spend an Action Point to re-roll the third and final failed Death Saving Throw out of your allotted three failed death saving throws.

NOTE*: As GM I reserve the right to allow an additional entry into the “Action Points to Live” rules.


Action Point to Live

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