Aleksander LaCroix

Young well dressed nobleman with an air of eccentricity


Aleksander LaCroix
Level 1 Arcane Mechanik(Leader)
Medium natural humanoid (human)
Age: 29 Weight: 190 Height: 5’10"
Deity: ?? Alignment: Good

Initiative +0; Passive Senses Perception 19, Insight 12
HP 27; Bloodied 13

Healing Surge 6; Surges Per Day 8
AC 16; Fortitude 14, Reflex 15, Will 14

Speed 6

Alignment Good; Languages Common, Cygnaran

Background Parentage – Noble: +2 Perception
Nationality Midlunder: +2 History
Skills (Arcana) +9, (Dungeoneering) +7, (Heal) +7, (History) +11, (Perception) +9, (Thievery) +5
Feats Mechanikal Firearms, Pistol Expertise, Master Mixer

Str 8 (-1/-1) Dex 11 (0/0) Wis 14 (0/2)
Con 15 (2/2) Int 18 (4/4) Cha 10 (0/0)

Possessions Adventurer’s Kit, Leather Armor, Pistol, Rod

Racial Traits:
Heroic Effort: Gain the heroic effort power

Class Features: Mechanika Familiarity, Arcane Rejuvenation, Charge Accumulator, Lieber Mechanika, Arcane Craftsman, Healing Infusion>


At Will: Magic Weapon, Rejuvenating Constructs
Encounter: Heroic Effort, Arcane Overload
Daily: Life-Tapping Darts


Wearing a suit of the finest fashion doesn’t say much when it is covered in grease. Aleksander very down to earth for a nobleman. Being in his late twenties, he carries himself with the bearing of a noble, but tends to act more like the common man. With a top hat on his head, a thick mustache streaks across his face, and a clockwork contraption that may once have been a pistol adorns his hip.

Hailing from a minor noble family of Midlunder stock, Aleksander has lead a fairly comfortable life up until the present. Being able to afford an education from the best tutors available, Aleksander has been able to pursue his interests in Mechaniks. From a young age he demonstrated an aptitude for Mechanika and has progressed by leaps and bounds during his life.

With the passing of his parents, the family holdings were left to him so that he could watch over and raise his younger sister. While it was once an elegant estate full of the most elaborate decor money could by, it is now packed full of half finished automatons and clockwork disasters. Aleksander has waited patiently the last few years, but now that his sister has grown old enough to take care of herself, he is off to discover the excitements that the world has to offer.

Aleksander LaCroix

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